Tales of a wandering shaman.... (sanity_is_mine) wrote in socal_dating,
Tales of a wandering shaman....

In Long Beach and Looking

Well I'm 1 month from my 30th Birthday and I thought I'd have been married by now. I guess I am a bit more picky than I thought. I'm just a young single man from AZ looking for the girl i can really get to know and love. Since I've been here I've met a lot of girls in a lot of different ways and find that first and second dates are easy but by the third her ability to smile and giggle a lot has worn thin. I miss real girls that arn't trying too hard.

I love to go out dancing to house music, see live rock and punk shows, attend gallery openings and in general just enjoy everything life can throw at me. I love to party hard or just sit at home cuddling on the couch with a flick and some making out. I am highly affectionate and loving.

What I'm looking for is a nice, sweet, girl next door that understands romance and chivalry. I like to be old fashioned sometimes when it comes to dating. Yes, attractive is a must but I seem to find many girla ttractive. My tastes vary widely from short to tall, athletic to plus a couple pounds. If you think you really NEED to lose 10-15 lbs you are probably just right.

Here is a pic. I have many more and will trade for a few pics of you. Please don't mis-represent yourselves. It does neither of us any good at all.

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